Men’s Health Project

“Northern, non-clinical, light hearted”

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Winner of the Clinical Commissioning Group Innovation Awards 2017 Best in Health and Wellbeing

The Men’s Health Project was launched in 2016 as ‘a brand new approach to men’s health’.  Offering a wide range of activities including the Men’s games sessions, Talk About it Mate which focuses on improving men’s mental health and much more ; the project helps local men aged 16+ get more active, more connected, and above all, have some fun.

talk about it mate 

A safe space for men to connect and talk. Referrals only. contact Mike: 07592812944/Talkaboutitmate@gmail.com  

Graham Ringwood won the first ever Manweb Man of the Month. Graham was presented with his certificate and a gift voucher at the local history open day we recently held. Graham has been an active member of Manweb since the project started. He attends the history group every fortnight and brings lots of ideas to the project. Graham has also introduced new people to the different groups we run. Graham attended a residential activity weekend away we held in the summer for local men in the area.

We would like to thank Graham for all his help and support he has given the project since day one

L-R Graham Ringwood, Ian Welch(Volunteer Coordinator)


Preventing male suicide

Male weightloss motivation

Mens Haynes guide

Citizens Advice

Salford Credit Union

GPs Contact for Health Checks:

– Langworthy Medical 0161 737 9244

– Salford Medical Centre Dr Rahman 0161 745 8341

– Dr Salim 0161 736 1166

– Willows Health Centre 0161 736 2356

– Langworthy Cornerstone Medical Practice 0161 213 1980

– Pendleton Gateway 0161 211 7373

– Sorrell Bank 0161 736 1616

  • The Cornerstone truly is your space!
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  • Evolved and Diversified!
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  • The Cornerstone truly is your space!
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  • Evolved and Diversified!
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  • The Cornerstone truly is your space!
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  • Evolved and Diversified!
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