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What are the operating hours of the LCA community centre?

Our business operating hours are from 9am-5pm, however, for room rentals and certain activities, the building stays open till 8pm.

How can I become a member of the community centre? Is there a membership fee, and what does it cover?

Just walk in.  No membership fee is required, however, for our food bank (Food Club) members, there is a fee of £3.50 paid each week for a generous bag of fresh food including some toiletries if available. See our Food club page for more details.

Can I rent spaces in the community Centre for events or meetings?

Yes, we offer room booking and hiring for large, personal and small events. The largest room we have is the auditorium. You can check the Rooms to Hire – Langworthy Cornerstone page for more details.

Are there volunteer opportunities available? How can I get involved?

Yes, we are always happy to have volunteers work with us. You can review the Volunteer page for details or fill the Volunteer interest form directly from this link


Is there free onsite parking?

Yes, there is free onsite parking as well as accessible parking for people with disabilities.

What safety measures are in place within the community centre?

There are  health and Safety procedures in place, accessibility, fire safety, Emergency exits and fire drills regularly. For more details, you can request a full document of our health and safety and safeguarding policies at the reception.

How can I stay informed about upcoming events and activities?

You can review our events and promotions from our homepage for upcoming events and you check out our What's On page for ongoing events in the Centre.

Are there support services available for residents, such as counselling or workshops?

Yes, we have Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) every Fridays (appointments only from reception desk), and information and guidance sessions as well. You can request more details and bookings on reception.

Can I suggest or propose new programs or activities for the community?

Certainly, we are open to feedback/suggestions. If you have any concerns or want to provide general feedback, you can fill our general feedback from via this link

However, if you want to start a new activity/class at the centre, you can fill the new activity enquiry form using this link

What fitness or wellness programs are available at the centre?

We currently, have physical activities and programs, like Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, etc . You can check out all Physical activities on the what’s on page

How can I report concerns or provide feedback about my experiences at the centre?

You can use this link or can the QR Code below to fill our General feedback form. If it is a more urgent concern, please contact our reception desk immediately.

What recreational facilities does the community centre have?

We have the Nursery play area for kids, the Booky Nook under the stairs for relaxing with a selection of book/ novels to read and the Café at the moment. More to come.

Are there specific programs or support for seniors or youth in the community?

All activities in our Centre are designed to combat Social isolation and loneliness and improve wellbeing. There are specific activities for seniors. Please review our what’s on page for all details. We also have the healthy holidays scheme for young adults and Juniors. We are currently looking into introducing more youth programs in future.

Are there language or cultural programs offered for diverse communities?

We have Talk English classes which are free. The talk English classes help non-English speakers settle into life in the UK with English language learning. However, we do not currently have other specific culture or Language classes at the moment. View our what’s on page, Talk English classes are free on Thursdays Morning and noon sessions. They do not require bookings, just drop-in.