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451 Liverpool Street, Salford, M6 5QQ


2 February 2024
13:30 - 15:00

Beginners are welcome.

Join Dr Wan-Ley, the founder of the Salford Taoist Centre at the Langworthy Cornerstone. Dr Wan-Ley has nearly 20 year’s experience of studying and teaching the Taoist arts of: Tai Chi, Taoist Yoga, Qigong, Moving Meditation,  Hand of the Wind Kung Fu

Contact wan-ley@lishi.org for more info

Price: £10

The Experience :

♦ The Tai Chi Warm-Up for your joints and muscles that will remove aches and pains, put you in the right mood for exercise and almost guarantee you’ll never get injured in a class

♦  Deep Breathing Techniques that will evaporate stress and boost your energy

♦  Secret exercises that reveal how you can use your bodies natural energy to double your strength without having to go to the gym or lift a single weight (It sounds crazy…but come along and We’ll show you!)

♦  Taoist Yoga from China that gently releases tension, increases suppleness and deeply relaxes your mind and body

♦  Tai Chi moves that transport you into a Moving Meditation where life becomes smooth and flowing

♦  Hand of the Wind Kung Fu – A fun way to get fitter, burn fat and boost your confidence.

The Salford Taoist Centre runs classes that are fun and relevant to people of all ages.

Join us at Langworthy Cornerstone!


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