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Not currently running, stay tuned for updates on the next cohort.

Women Into Visual Arts (WIVA) workshops pioneered in September 2023, starting with 4 weeks workshops.

The 2nd WIVA cohort was for 6 weeks, it started on 18th Jan, 2024  and ended on Feb . 22nd, 2024. The Artists had their Art exhibition Open day celebrated on 8th March , 2024 in honour of International Women’s Day.  See the event highlights

How the WIVA Project is run:

The women Into Visual Arts (WIVA) classes are run in two sessions , The Art workshops are in the morning, they teach various techniques and a staged approach through to an end product after 4-6weeks. The sessions are very relaxed; it’s a very cathartic way to learn and express feelings and emotions.

The afternoon is a joined-up business enterprise session to advise participants how valuable their creativity as a women can be, particularly when they transfer their experiences onto canvas and through visual art AND that it has a commercial value if they want to sell their artwork – the sessions wrap around the business of developing a product, the process and how to market their work.

The art is displayed at an exhibition and all proceeds of sale go to the female artists.

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